NOMAS® International Testimonials
OT, California

" I enjoyed the course and now have confidence in a new skill set"

"I really appreciate and respect your work and enjoy seeing you at work. You and NOMAS have made me change my direction of work in the NICU."

Developmental Specialist, India 

"It was a great opportunity and honor to have you here with us and to give such a wonderful NOMAS workshop"

M.D., Egypt 

"It was the general consensus of the class that the NOMAS Course will add to their practe; they benefited from it; and would recommend it."

Neonatologist, Course Organizer, Kuwait 

" I enjoyed the course and now have confidence in a new skill set"

OT, California 

"Everything was wonderful. Would love a follow-up course for those previously NOMAS Certified professionals to talk about treatment plans."

OT, Ohio 

" I truly see the nuance of infant feeding. The NOMAS is an excellent systematic assessment tool. I will use it daily in my practice"

PT, Florida 

<p>Hello, I completed the series 1 course about a week ago and passed the quiz - very helpful information and great course!  I will say this was the most clinically relevant and immediately applicable course I have ever taken, either in person or online.   Thank you! Rachel</p>


The NOMAS Course was "fantastic-besides the extensive useful information, the opportunity to have direct observation in the NICU made the course material really come together."..<br />"People like Marjorie Meyer Palmer spend countless hours researching, analyzing, and teaching so that those of us treating have the knowledge we need to provide the best care we can."

SLP, New Jersey 

The NOMAS Certification Course was conducted in an "excellent facility and the practice with videos and bedside helped me to clarify all my doubts. I recommend this course."

SLP, Puerto Rico