NOMAS® International Testimonials
OT, Ohio

"Everything was wonderful. Would love a follow-up course for those previously NOMAS Certified professionals to talk about treatment plans."

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the course on Friday.  It is exactly what I needed to refresh my memory on how to score the NOMAS.  I cannot wait to put it into practice again at work today! I am in awe of your excellent diagnostic skills and all you have contributed to our field.  Thank you so much for all your amazing work and sharing your knowledge with all the rest of us.

Amanda, Speech Pathologist, Omaha, Nebraska 

"I really enjoyed the NOMAS RENEW AND REFRESH Course and was surprised at the ability to remain interactive despite the remote learning limitation. It was great to bounce ideas off of each other when scoring"

Danielle, SLP, New York 

"many thanks for a wonderful two days (days 2 and 3 of the NOMAS Certification Course) of learning and lots of new skills to apply in my NICU"

Deirdre, I.A.S.L.T Speech and Language Therapist, Ireland 

"I really appreciate and respect your work and enjoy seeing you at work. You and NOMAS have made me change my direction of work in the NICU."

Developmental Specialist, India 

Thank you so much for all your assistance to get me signed up for the course. <br /><br />It was amazing, I learned so much and I am so excited to start looking at my patients through the NOMAS lens. It's such a well organized and concise assessment. I really believe it's going to make me a much better clinician, in terms of really honing in on the specific problem and treating it more appropriately and focused. <br /><br />I can't wait to start applying it in our NICU's to practice and get really good at it. <br /><br />I haven't been this excited about a course and new skills in a long time.

Lizanne, Speech Pathologist, Health Professionals Council of South Africa 

"It was a great opportunity and honor to have you here with us and to give such a wonderful NOMAS workshop"

M.D., Egypt 

"Thank you very much Marjorie for your dedication to neonatal feeding and swallowing. I love how systematic the NOMAS Is and I truly enjoyed completing the NOMAS RENEW AND REFRESH Course. I think I had so much anxiety about passing when I took it in person. However, your review and the interaction with the other therapists last night was truly fun! I look forward to adding NLP to my credential!"

Megan, SLP, South Carolina 

"It was the general consensus of the class that the NOMAS Course will add to their practice; they benefited from it; and would recommend it."

Neonatologist, Course Organizer, Kuwait 

" I enjoyed the course and now have confidence in a new skill set"

OT, California 

"Everything was wonderful. Would love a follow-up course for those previously NOMAS Certified professionals to talk about treatment plans."

OT, Ohio 

" I truly see the nuance of infant feeding. The NOMAS is an excellent systematic assessment tool. I will use it daily in my practice"

PT, Florida 

Hello, I completed the series 1 course about a week ago and passed the quiz - very helpful information and great course!  I will say this was the most clinically relevant and immediately applicable course I have ever taken, either in person or online.   <br /><br />Thank you! <br /><br />Rachel


The NOMAS Course was "fantastic-besides the extensive useful information, the opportunity to have direct observation in the NICU made the course material really come together."..<br />"People like Marjorie Meyer Palmer spend countless hours researching, analyzing, and teaching so that those of us treating have the knowledge we need to provide the best care we can."

SLP, New Jersey 

The NOMAS Certification Course was conducted in an "excellent facility and the practice with videos and bedside helped me to clarify all my doubts. I recommend this course."

SLP, Puerto Rico 

"..Thank you so much for the brilliant NOMAS Course. I am very newly appoointed to my role in the NICU here and it has been a steep learning curve trying to get to grips with this new caseload. I found the NOMAS brilliant and so informative, however, I definately have some work to do in terms of further development of my skils. I really found the course excellent and invaluable to me in developing the SLT service in my NICU. I feel I learned so much.."

Senior Speech and Language Therapist, Limerick, Ireland 

"Thank you for a stimulating and challenging course. This will be a good step forward for our Irish neonatal services. Thank you so much!"

Zelda, Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland