NOMAS® Professionals
NOMAS® Professionals have completed a comprehensive three-day training course and are proven to be reliable in the administration of the protocol. Professionals are licensed for two-year periods to use the protocol in their practices. Biennial license renewal can be accomplished on this website. Renewal assures that Professionals are up-to-date on the correct adminstration of the NOMAS®. Another significant benefit of current licensing: complimentary membership in the NOMAS® Feeding Forum where every day, neonatal feeding professionals benefit from the experiences and advice of peers and other professionals.
# Name Discipline Country Certified
1 Ababtain, Alanoud Speech Pathologist Saudi Arabia 2019
2 Abdulkarim, Lamya Speech Saudi Arabia 2004
3 Abdullah, Shaima M. Speech Pathologist Kuwait 2019
4 Abdullah, Sulaiman A. Speech Pathologist Kuwait 2019
5 Abugamzah, Wafa Speech Pathologist Saudi Arabia 2019
6 Ackermann, Carolin Speech-Language Pathologist Germany 2019
7 Adel, Sally Mohamed Speech-Language Pathologist Egypt 2019
8 Ahtola, Carina Speech Finland 2004
9 Al Kfeiri, Zaimah Physiotherapist South Africa 2010
10 Al Mulaik, Nouf. Saleh Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
11 Al Tais, Malak Speech-Language Pathologist Saudi Arabia 2019
12 Al-Akeel, Abdulrahman Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
13 Al-Ghamdi, Khaled Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
14 Al-Ghanim, Suzanne Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
15 Al-Harbi, Taghreed Salem Speech Saudi Arabia 2009
16 Al-Hussain, Kholoud Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
17 Al-Jahlan, Yara Mohammed Speech Saudi Arabia 2009
18 Al-Khwaiter, Munirah Speech Saudi Arabia 2009
19 Al-Mahrouck, Hanan Saudi Arabia 2010
20 Al-Mana, Sana Abdulaziz Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
21 Al-Masloukh, Abeer Mohammad Speech Saudi Arabia 2009
22 Al-Rubaian, Mariam S. Speech Pathologist Kuwait 2019
23 Al-Shurayhi, Areej Mohammed Speech Saudi Arabia 2009
24 Al-Turki, Aziza S Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
25 Al-Tuwaijeri, Hanouf Abdulmohsen Speech Saudi Arabia 2009