NOMAS® Professionals
NOMAS® Professionals have completed a comprehensive three-day training course and are proven to be reliable in the administration of the protocol. Professionals are licensed for two-year periods to use the protocol in their practices. Biennial license renewal can be accomplished on this website. Renewal assures that Professionals are up-to-date on the correct adminstration of the NOMAS®. Another significant benefit of current licensing: complimentary membership in the NOMAS® Feeding Forum where every day, neonatal feeding professionals benefit from the experiences and advice of peers and other professionals.

# Name Discipline Country Certified
1 Ababtain, Alanoud Speech Pathologist Saudi Arabia 2019
2 Abdulkarim, Lamya Speech Saudi Arabia 2004
3 Abdullah, Shaima M. Speech Pathologist Kuwait 2019
4 Abdullah, Sulaiman A. Speech Pathologist Kuwait 2019
5 Abras, Tatiana D OT USA 2004
6 Abrigana, Leianna USA 2003
7 Abu Nabla, Asmaa Speech Pathologist USA 2018
8 Abu-Shamsieh, Aimee MED-Pediatrics USA 2012
9 Abugamzah, Wafa Speech Pathologist Saudi Arabia 2019
10 Ackermann, Carolin Speech-Language Pathologist Germany 2019
11 Adams, Lauren PT USA 2004
12 Adel, Sally Mohamed Speech-Language Pathologist Egypt 2019
13 Aeschliman, Gemma OT USA 2011
14 Agnese, Heather Clifford Speech USA 2005
15 Ahlswede, Jennifer Speech USA 2007
16 Ahtola, Carina Speech Finland 2004
17 Al Kfeiri, Zaimah Physiotherapist South Africa 2010
18 Al Mulaik, Nouf. Saleh Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
19 Al Tais, Malak Speech-Language Pathologist Saudi Arabia 2019
20 Al-Akeel, Abdulrahman Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
21 Al-Ghamdi, Khaled Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
22 Al-Ghanim, Suzanne Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
23 Al-Harbi, Taghreed Salem Speech Saudi Arabia 2009
24 Al-Hussain, Kholoud Speech Saudi Arabia 2006
25 Al-Jahlan, Yara Mohammed Speech Saudi Arabia 2009