NOMAS® License Renewal & Reliability Testing


License renewal and reliability testing are by pre-arrangement. Please contact NOMAS International to arrange login. If you have already pre-arranged, sign-in below using the email address and order number that appear on your confirmation email.

IMPORTANT: Access to courses and materials is available only for a limited time as explained in our terms.

The access period begins when you first sign-in. You may sign-in and out as often as you wish during your access period.

For CEU purposes you are asked to enter your occupation. You need do that only when signing-in the first time. You need not enter occupation during subsequent sign-ins unless you would like to change the information.

Once signed-in, please allow time to:

  • Download and print course materials.
  • View the video course(s).
  • In order to successfully renew your License in the Administration and Scoring of the NOMAS you must score a minimum of 85% correct by characteristic and 80% correct by diagnosis.

Problems or questions? Please contact NOMAS International

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